Intelligent Solutions that help boost your Business offers access to a comprehensive suite of data solutions designed to empower businesses with accurate data, actionable insights, competitive advantages, and growth opportunities in the digital marketplace.

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Local Inventory Data

Streamline your inventory data for effortlessly generating high-quality product feeds, optimising stock levels, enhancing data accuracy and gaining important business insights.

Marketplace Connectors

Effortlessly list products on all major marketplaces with our managed feed generator, leveraging accurate inventory data for seamless cross-platform integration.

Price Tracking

Stay competitive with our price monitoring service, leveraging real-time data from across selected marketplaces to optimize pricing strategies and maximise profitability.

Create smart & powerful automated workflows

Want to work more efficiently, safe time and make sure that your data makes sense? Choose and combine our intelligent solutions to create automated workflows and boost your business.

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Less time spend on data

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Stress tested and proven out-of-the-box data services

Our solutions work as building blocks on the web automation platform. Every solution automates a set of manual steps you would normally do on a website.

Powerful Workflows

Combine solutions and automate for success

Download & Connect Data

Download your data directly or connect is to any website with Connectors.

Seamless product integrations on the Datrax platform

All our solutions speak the same language, so there is no miscommunication. If you want to connect your data to a foreign program, no problem! We will translate any data, so you can focus on whats really important.

Download data directly or use one of our

+3,000 Connectors

When your download is done, you can easily download your results in multiple formats. Use your data in Excel or Google Sheets, download it in CSV, CML of JSON or import your data directly with the Rest API.

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